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“Karaikal Carnival 2023” is an initiative of the Karaikal Tourism Department and the District Administration, Karaikal with a view to promote tourism through Art, Culture and providing Craftsman, Artisans, Musicians, folk artist, a platform to showcase their trade and craft. The four day event was held from 15.01.2023 to 18.01.2023 in Karaikal District.

The festival involved Government institutions, Educational institutions, Corporate entities, various commercial and cultural organizations and institutions of Karaikal District. Karaikal Carnival hosted fascinating multiple events on these four days which include Karaikal Shopping Festival, Farm Festival & Flower Show, Dog Show, Carnival Food Festival, Art & Craft Expo and a number of amusement activities at various locations across the district. This year, special programmes for active participation by the General public and students of Karaikal District have been included

To celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our district and the country, “Cultural Road Show” was scheduled on 15.01.2023 from 03.00 PM onwards in a grand manner by hosting public events which take place predominantly in the streets of Karaikal. 

As a part of the Road Show, eight of our students headed by Ms. Arshika F & Ms. Keerthana P had participated and secured the Runner up position in the College Level Dance Competition. 

The following students have performed in the competition.

  1. Keerthana P
  2. Arshika F
  3. Narmada S S
  4. Dancy A
  5. Sushmitha B
  6. Ruthra senan B
  7. Suga vasanth K
  8. Vishali A

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